Strategic Cooperation in Belgium: EUROPART and Commercial Vehicle Parts Specialist Beneparts Work Closely Together

Hagen/Turnhout, 21.08.2017 – EUROPART and the commercial vehicle parts specialist Beneparts, enter into a strategic partnership. The goal of the cooperation is a better development of the market in all regions of the country, optimal customer service and thus associated a further growth in Belgium.

“In recent years, EUROPART was only operating at a regional level. Now we have developed into a national player: we are completely repositioned with a competent team and have found a partner with Beneparts which operates with high engagement, great competence and with 30 years of experience in the market. Together we can provide an even better deal for truck, trailer, bus and special vehicle parts, workshop equipment and accessories, with a higher availability of parts and an even better advice and support for customers in Belgium", emphasizes EUROPART CEO Pierre Fleck. "Together with Beneparts we are the number two in Belgium. Our goal is, to become number one in this market."

Stefan Govers, Beneparts CEO: "Through cooperation with EUROPART, Europe's number 1, we continue to expand our position and have the ideal partner on our side, which places an emphasis on quality and reliability just as we do. We are convinced of the success of the EUROPART Premium Parts concept and will take over the product range – we are sure that this offer will be accepted by customers because it fits exactly to the market. We look forward to working with EUROPART."

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Special offer: Modulators

Our special offer is valid from 01.01.2017 until 31.01.2017 or while stock last, prices are excluding VAT, alterations reserved, photo is illustrative.

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Special offer: BOSCH Starter

Bosch starter motors represent an investment in quality which will deliver long term value for you. Cheaper starter motors may appear the same, but a closer look will reveal the superior quality of the Bosch product.

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New Dynamometer at Fras-le

In terms of innovation, the new dynamometer has a device that can identify and quantify the occurrence of brake noise. The equipment is essential to reduce the friction materials development timing as it replaces the vehicle testing. The equipment, which enables an accurate simulation of the load imposed by the vehicle to the brake system during braking, is completely automated and can perform tests 24 hours a day.


In addition to the technical characteristics of an inertia simulation, which is responsible for ensuring the accuracy in the reproduction of real braking conditions, the dynamometer LINK 6900 is equipped with a static torque measurement system (used in testing and evaluating parking brake systems), and uses a pneumatic system to activate the brake system with maximum pressure up to 12bar.


The result of its constant investments in technology and in its processes of product development, Fras-le has become the only company in Latin America with capacity to test different kinds of vehicle’s brake systems such as buses, trucks, trailers, commercials, and passengers cars.


Fras-le's Global Presence:

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