Fras-le, recognized worldwide for the high quality and performance of its friction materials products, has now integrated a new dynamometer, the LINK 6900, which enables simulations and tests in brake systems with inertia of up to 2170kgm², into its testing labs. With the acquisition of this equipment, the company consolidates its leading position in the market having the largest and most well-equipped laboratory in Latin America.

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In terms of innovation, the new dynamometer has a device that can identify and quantify the occurrence of brake noise. The equipment is essential to reduce the friction materials development timing as it replaces the vehicle testing. The equipment, which enables an accurate simulation of the load imposed by the vehicle to the brake system during braking, is completely automated and can perform tests 24 hours a day.


In addition to the technical characteristics of an inertia simulation, which is responsible for ensuring the accuracy in the reproduction of real braking conditions, the dynamometer LINK 6900 is equipped with a static torque measurement system (used in testing and evaluating parking brake systems), and uses a pneumatic system to activate the brake system with maximum pressure up to 12bar.


The result of its constant investments in technology and in its processes of product development, Fras-le has become the only company in Latin America with capacity to test different kinds of vehicle’s brake systems such as buses, trucks, trailers, commercials, and passengers cars.


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