Air conditioners are used the whole year: In the summer, they cool the interior and in winter, they prevent fogging of the windscreen by dehumidifying the air.

The air-conditioning compressor is the core of the air-conditioner. It is usually driven directly from the engine with a belt drive. Its task is to draw in the gaseous refrigerant in the air-conditioning circuit and to compress it. The refrigerant heats up because of the compression. To cool it down quickly, the air-conditioning compressor feeds it under pressure to the condenser where it gets liquefed again.

In the summer months, the intensive use of the air-conditioner - in conjunction with inadequate maintenance - is a frequent reason for failure of the air-conditioning compressor. Loss of lubricating oil, penetration of water or insufficient replenishment of refrigerant can also result in a defect.  Failure of the unit usually manifests itself in the form of a loss of cooling power.  

If the compressor is faulty, its failure can result in impurities which can also damage components in the air-conditioning circuit like the condeser or the expansion valve.  Therefore, the compressor should not be replaced alone.

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