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Hella heeft een gebogen rubber voor de lampenseries 2.. 959 510/590/610/790-... in haar gamma opgenomen. Hierdoor kan u deze lampenseries nu ook op een gewelfde ondergrond monteren.

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Action directory cool boxes

Beneparts likes to keep it cool during the summer! Discouver our new, sharpe promotions in our new summer directory. * action valid from 15 May till 30 June. Read more

Technical info: Covers

From as today, 2 different kinds of sets of covers for Knorr disc brake calipers are available. Beside the existing covers of Ø 30mm, also covers of Ø 27mm are available. Beneparts Article numbers: B203202: Ø 27mm B203200: Ø 30mm Read more

New: LED Flasher

As from today, new in our range: LED Flasher, 10-30 VDC, 33 different functions. Easy to install. Available in Amber, Blue, White and Red. Safety above everything! Read more

OSRAM promotion

This month, we present you following promotion: Parcel lights OSRAM: 10 x 24V H7 (B110141) 50 x 24V 21W (B110119) 50 x 24V 5W (B110125) 20 x 24V 5W (B110128) 50 x 24V 10W (B110121) 10 x 24V 70W (B110110) 20 x 24V 4W (B110134) Read more

BPW on tour - Ambience pictures

Wednesday March 4th 2009 the BPW-bus camped on Beneparts grounds. Over 250 interested Beneparts-cliens showed up and to see the latest BPW applications and innovations. Besides BPW also Kroon-Oil, Hengst, Sidem, ... where present to present their products to our professional audience. On our website you will find some ambiance pictures of our nocturne. Read more

Nieuw: Becker Traffic Assist Z 099 GPS

new in our range: Becker Traffic Assist Z 099, with Europese navigatie. including • Car Charger 12V/24V • USB cable • Bevestingingsnap • Software / DVD Folder • User Guide Now only € 135, - (excl. VAT, while stocks last). Item Number: B999942164 Read more

Junction box

Liquidation of a product: Junction Box Size: 130x69x57 Price: € 7,50 per piece (excl.VAT) Artikelnummer Beneparts: B114026 Read more